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How to play
The purpose of this game is to climb up the tower. Press space bar or mouse button and hold it down to hold the power and release it to jump. The longer you hold the space bar down, the higher you can jump --- but be careful, if you hold it down for too long, the power goes down to zero. The names of the top 5 players for are recorded.

Difficulty Settings
From "Difficulty" menu, you can select "Easy," "Normal," or "Hard." Also, you can choose whether or not certain types of floor would appear (such as "Conveyer Belt") in the game.

You can select music and sound on/off. When you feel the game is slow, you should turn SpeedUp option on. Jump Count option displays the number of jumps.

Please do not run other applications in the background if possible.
Please put "BGM1.MID," "NSTOWER.HLP," and "NSTOWER.CNT" in the same folder as "NSTOWER.EXE."
If you experience other difficulties, please notify me at the address.

This software is a shareware. If you like using it, please register your software by sending me the shareware fee of US$10. As soon as we receive the shareware fee, we will send you your registration number. Click the "Register..." button in the start up window and input name and the number.
NAGI-P SOFT holds the copyrights to this package. You may distribute freely, but do not make any changes to this package. When you wish to distribute this package in other media (such as CD-ROM), please contact me at the address below.
NAGI-P SOFT or Akihiko Kusanagi, the programmer, takes no responsibility, expressed or implied, for any damages caused by the use of this software.

How to Send the Money
Please read Help file.

System Requirement
80386/486 based IBM PC compatible computer or higher
Windows95/NT3.51 or later
256 colors monitor

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